Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do the cottages have air-conditioning?
  No, However the cottages have oversized windows to accommodate the Northeast trade winds and ceiling fans.
2. What is considered the on season time to vacationing on the island?
  On season is from December through April.
3. What type of food is available?
  You have all choices available, from buying food from an island grocery store and preparing it in the cottage to gourmet restaurants on the Island.
5. What is the cost to get to the island?
  First use your favorite website or travel agent to find out your cost to get to Beef Island in Tortola. Then flights to Anegada are provided by Gorda Aero Services. Call them for their schedule. The flight to the island is a short 12 to 15 minutes. At last check the island connecting flight cost $25 to 30 (US) per person, each way. Please contact them for up to date information.
4. Do you have brochures?
  Yes we do. Please call us to have one sent to you.